A small cattery in Sweden

S*Nonimonos a small cattery in Dalarna/Sweden.

Me, my husband Ulf and our son Kalle lives together with our cats and our dogs in a small fairytale house located in Leksand, with the great lake Siljan not far away.


My name is Lina Wilund and I registered my prefix S*Nonimonos 2001, the name is after my first oriental female, S*Concinnus No Ni-Mono. She was a special lady in black with the most evil look.

In my breeding I have the ambition of improving the spotted & classic tabbies of the oriental breed. It’s a hard but interesting path to follow and more and more it gives good results in my litters. I have many dear friends and breeders to thank for my steps forward.
But I do also breed siameses and often I use siamese lines in my oriental breeding. In the siamese I love a dark blue eyecolour as well as a good pointcolour.
The temperament is important in my cats – it should be a happy, curious and demanding cat that loves all attention they can get. The Oriental cat is a cat that you one minute wonders if you got because of your sins – and the next you feel it was sent from the gods?


I have also a big interest in showing my cats, it’s always a joy to get nice showresults after a long and expensive showday. The joy of winning a Best in Show can’t be hidden away – I love it!
I often work as a steward at the shows and that’s a really good thing to do if you want to learn more about our breeds and also the other breeds. You can never learn enough!
To meet and talk to all the other crazy cat people at a show is a always also great. Thank you all for making my weekends.