CH S*Nonimonos Titania
SIA n21


e, Mazal-Tov X-Ray SIA n
u, Marilljos Stina from SWEETI with love SIA n21

When my dear Ozzy left me I knew I could not sell this sweet meatball. There must be a tabby in my home. And what tabbytgirl she is; clumsy and playful with the warmest heart.

She is among the best looking cats I have had if you look at type and body, she has it all and a little more. But unfortunately that little more became a little too much and gave her way too fine dark spots on the body. As Siamese she should you be light on your body – but that didn’t her genes care about 😉

Unfortunately the dream of kittens after her never come true, she is now neutered.
PRA status: N / RDAC – carrier- will not develop PRA.